Social Services Enabler


Nathan Hughes is the Social Services Enabler for the Diocese.

He can be contacted at or or 021 110 3322

Jen Lockwood is our Social Services Grants Administrator and looks after applications to our Anglican Care Committee, St Andrew's Family Trust and individual hardship grants.

She can be contacted at or 03 548 3124 / 021 277 1504

Latest Posts

Social Services September 2017

Dear Everyone Just a note to advise that there will be another Anglican Care conference in the early part of 2018.   We need to work dates around the rural churches conference which is in April.  The organising  group has met and details will be well sorted in the

Social Services Enabler August 2017

Greetings Everyone This month ACCT will be considering applications for Eldercare ministry from those parishes needing to reapply.  Grants will be made for 2 years (2018/19).

Social Services July 2017

Dear everyone, A couple of things to note this month:

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