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St Stephen's and St John's
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About Us/Ministries: 

We serve a small church community and the larger wider community. Our Op Shop has become quite a ‘hub’ lately and from this ‘hub’ are identified many needs: fuel in winter, food and clothing throughout the year and often the clothing is given away. Even if it’s not, the prices are extremely reasonable. It’s open just one day a week and has a regular clientele of around fifteen to twenty people and is a ministry designed to reach out and identify community needs and appears to be reaching that goal.

The elderly in our community are also a focus of St Stephens and time is made for pastoral visits even if they are not church members. Being a small community it is fairly easy to identify those needing support in this way. Transport is also provided to and from medical appointments both here in Reefton and further afield.

As the church community is so small our services are informal and have a real family atmosphere. However, we would be thrilled if God would send more along!!

Our overall purpose is to serve our community (both churched and non-churched) and to see growth in both our numbers and in the spiritual maturity of our current members along with a closer relationship with the other churches here in Reefton; after all, we are part of ‘the church in Reefton’.

Praise God that we are still operating and able to bring glory to Him through His Son Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit.

Service Times: 
Sunday10:00amReeftonFamily Service with Informal Communion




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