Children and Families October 2017

Safe Here:  As of this week Claire Savage has been employed 4 hours per week to assist with the administration of Safe Here. She will be working Wednesday and Friday mornings from 9.30 to 11.30am. Claire’s email address is:

 Claire’s role will involve administering the database which will include assisting parishes by producing reports relating to the training and police vetting status of parishioner’s who are already on the database. Once she has a thorough knowledge of the system, Claire will be able to offer administration assistance to parishes who do not presently have a lay coordinator.  You can expect to hear from her directly but I am retaining my RMO role. In that role I will still be available to answer queries and to facilitate training.

 In terms of training, it is my intention to have training DVD’s available for use in parishes from early 2018. This will allow more flexibility in terms of training options for each ministry team and their members. Face to face training will still be available through the parish lay coordinators and the diocese. The DVD’s will be sent, free of charge, to each parish coordinator and will be accompanied by resources for each module plus some Team Member and Team Leader manuals. Extra DVD’s and manuals will be available through the diocese on a cost per item basis.

Sue Fallow

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