Ministry Education July 2017

EQUIP Ministry Education

For this year EQUIP is going to run a little differently.  Rather than 3 Saturdays in each region, EQUIP is going to have a focus month in each region so that in that month, 4 evening sessions will be held on the topics of

  • The Big Story of the Bible

  • Handling the Bible.

These would be great events post-ALPHA, for home groups, and for training new leaders.

 I’m aware that several parishes are focusing on ALPHA in the first part of the year, so we try and plan the events to avoid ALPHA.  Now is a good time to think of those you want to get involved in training in 2017 or if BTC can tailor-make some training for your parish/region. 








Wed. July 19


Big Story



Wed. July 26


Big Story



Wed. August 2


Handling the Bible



Wed. August 9


Handling the Bible








Wed Sept 20


Big Story



Wed Sept 27


Big Story



Wed Oct 18


Handling the Bible



Wed Oct 25


Handling the Bible








Thr Aug 3


Big Story



Thr Aug 10


Big Story



Thr Aug 17


Handling the Bible



Thr Aug 24


Handling the Bible








Saturday Sept 16


Big Story


(Oct 26, Nov 2, 9, 16)

Saturday Sept 23



Handling the Bible



Sept 30 and Oct 4





Nov 4 and Nov 18














Golden Bay





Post Ordination Ministry Development (POMD):

Post Ordination Ministry Development (POMD) is a 3-year programme for those newly ordained (and if required those new to the Diocese), and is a requirement of your ordination and Bishop’s license.  The aim of POMD is to cover ministry competencies for your current and future ministry and to build collegiality as a group.


The current POMD process is 2-fold.  First, participation in a Community of Practice (replaces or sits alongside regional deanery meetings). 







1st Fri

1st Thr (Grp 2)

1st Thr

3rd Thr























23 (8)




December              1



The second part is new for 2017 and replaces the previous POMD model of meeting 1 day a month.  The plan is to meet three time each year; 2 one-day meetings, and 1 two-day meeting (Marae visit or Bishop’s retreat).  The aim for each day will be to discuss 2 ministry competencies.  Please note a change to FRIDAY to enable everyone to be there.  May and August events will be held in Blenheim (Nelson Folks hopefully we can carpool).

Suggested dates (venue to be confirmed):

  • Aug 11 (Friday): Weddings and Delegation

  • Nov 9-10 (Thr-Fri)

 Daily Plan:

  • Arrive 9.30am – coffee

  • Begin 10.00am -Topic 1

  • Lunch 12.30

  • Begin 1.30 – Topic 2

  • Finish 4pm






 1. Church Practices  2.  Leadership and Management
  •  Baptism
  •  Vision
  •  Weddings 
  •   Leadership
  • Funerals 
  •  Communication Skills
  •  Worship:  Traditional and informal (communion)
  •   Church Growth
  •  Anglican/bi-cultural/Marae Visit 
  •  Conflict Management
  •  Preaching (covered by the School of Preaching)
  •  Building Teams
  •  Evangelism  
  •  MAP
  •  Welcoming/Incorporation


Spiritual Gifts

Time Management, Delegation

  •  Missional Ministry
  • Ministry to Children, Youth, Elderly                                                                                      

 Boundaries/SafeHere/Title D
Self Care


CPE 2018

The dates for CPE in 2018 are:

  • February 7,8,9

  • February 22,23

  • March 8,9

  • March 22,23

  • April 12,13

  • April 26,27

  • May 10,11

  • May 24,25

  • June 7,8

Through Laidlaw College/BTC, CPE can be included in the degree as 30 credits at level 6 and 15 credits at level 7 run concurrently, or as a “Certificate of Proficiency”. A funding subsidy for CPE is available through the Ministry Education Coordinator. CPE consists of 400hrs training over 18 weeks, including: 15hr pastoral ministry/week, 2 days group work per fortnight, and 5hr reading/writing/reflection per week.


This event aims to inspire, encourage and equip rural church leaders from across the globe as they explore the challenges and opportunities facing rural mission and ministry. With a learning community approach at its core, lay and ordained groups from countries and regions will consider together the ‘What is?’, ‘What could be?’ and ‘What will be?’ for their rural church context, inspired by stories and worship from different countries and traditions, and fed by key notes on reconciling communities and collaborative ministry. Delegates will leave with action steps for their area, a set of resources for mission and poverty reduction, new friends and a network offering ongoing support.

April 15-20, 2018, Lincoln University

Cost: Early Bird (before Sept 20, 2017) $1,300 (incl accommodation) or $755 (excl Accommodation); Full price $1,500 or $950 (some funding will be available from ministry education)

 Special POMD Event

At the invitation of Bp Richard and the Latimer Fellowship, Rev Kanishka Raffell, Dean of Sydney Cathedral, will be visiting the Diocese and offering a seminar for all clergy on “Confidence in the Gospel” – Friday October 20 – details TBC.  PLease put this in your diary.

Kanishka was born in London to Sri Lankan parents and was raised as a Buddhist. While studying law at Sydney University a friend gave him a copy of The Gospel according to John and he subsequently became a Christian. Prior to becoming Dean in 2016, Kanishka served as Rector of St Matthew’s in Perth. He is married to Cailey and they have two daughters. He loves curry, cricket and having gelato at the beach with his family but knows no pleasure so great as sharing the news about Jesus with people who have no idea who Jesus is or how much he loves them.

 CALEB Leadership Course

The 2017 course is being held in Richmond July 25-Aug 4.  For more details, see or talk to me. There is funding available.


This year we are going to try something different and run this ourselves in each region. Dates TBC so watch this space.


If you are interested in this for 2018 now is a good time to begin a conversation with myself, your vestry and any possible intern.  Please remember that an intern is a training position, so the intern needs to be working under someone with experience.  We now have the exciting development of offering a 1yr fulltime certificate and diploma which majors on internship (20hrs per week) which would be ideal for any young person wanting to do a gap year programme or gain experience in Christian ministry.  Our two internship options are:

    1. Fulltime Level 4 Certificate of Christian studies (Internship); Level 5 Diploma of Christian Studies (Leadership).

    2. Fulltime BTC (4 papers/semester) and 10hrs ministry per week.



      A copy of the new Alpha film series is on memory stick at the Resource Library (Anglican Centre).


      Journey through the Lord’s Prayer with six short videos and a handy “cheat sheet” for each session, all designed to fuel discussion and deepen the prayer life of your church.  Download all material free from

       Christianity Explored

      Online and Free

       Books to Read:

  • John Burke, No Perfect People Allowed: creating a Come As You Are culture in the Church, Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 2007. (Thanks Marge Tefft for this)

  • Matt Perman, What’s Best Next: How the Gospel transforms the way you get things done.  Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 2017.

  • James K.A. Smith, You are what you love: The spiritual power of habit (Brazos, 2016).  A Quote:


NEW Resources now available - If you know of any good small group resources, please let me know so we can update our supply. 

EQUIP DVDs are also available at Holy Trinity, Greymouth and St Christopher’s, Blenheim for loan.

Please let your small group leaders know about these resources by passing this list on.




Willowcreek GLS 2016


Anglican Centre

New Alpha Film Series

Memory stick

Anglican Centre

Small Groups with purpose: How to create Healthy Communities

Book by Steve Gladen

Anglican Centre

Good Questions have small groups talking

Book by Josh Hunt

Anglican Centre


Online: via BTC/ Diocesan websites “Resources” sections

BTC has now established a platform to make video presentations available at including the Rob Harley Storytelling and Communication Master Class.

 Free Online Resources - Free Lectionary/Theme based resources and for all ages.

 Book Summary sites - The Leaders Book Summaries
Books at a Glance

Let me know if you are interested in joining these

 Questions on Theology and Science- BIOLOGOS is an organization founded by Francis Collins, of dedicated evangelicals committed to the relationship between the Christian faith and science.  They have a new site for “pastor resources” which has very good resources for many of the difficult questions people ask.  New Resource:

 A great video of NT Wright talking about Christ and Creation

 ISCAST is an Australian organisation (with many NZers and expats) dedicated to exploring the interface between science and the Christian faith. Its membership consists of scientists, theologians and professionals with standing in their own fields and a commitment to the Christian faith.  Their website has many good resources that tackle many questions about science and faith.  See

 InterChurch Bioethics Council The InterChurch Bioethics Council (ICBC) is composed of appointed representatives from Anglican, Methodist and Presbyterian Churches for the purpose of addressing crucial ethical issues in NZ relating to bioethics and Facebook.

 God Bless


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