Older Persons Ministry

Dear friends,

Recently I attended two community seminars to do with loneliness and isolation.  It was gratifying to see a good number of Church folk attending these sessions.  The first of the seminars was for professionals and a visiting academic from Auckland outlined some of the research undertaken and where community groups could play a part.

 The second gathering was open to members of the public and the expected number of 30 participants grew to up to 100!  That shows that there is real concern ‘out there’ about current and impending loneliness for some of our people.

 As it was said many times, people can still be lonely even when they are surrounded by people.

 I hope and pray that the valiant ministries to older persons in our parishes are going a long way to combat loneliness and isolation.  One of the fundaments of our faith is fellowship, and that is a wonderful gift we can offer to any who would join us on our path of faith.  With the ACCT expectation that all our ministry to older folk paid for by the Older Persons Ministry Fund is to be outward facing, looking into the communities you are committed to serve, what are YOU doing about lonely people?

 Thank you for the completed accountability forms which ACCT looked at recently.  Remember, if there is anything about the current ministry to seniors in your parish or indeed future plans or visions, please contact me.  I would be privileged to work with you on this.

 Please remember, if your OPMF worker(s) provides a regular Vestry report on their ministry, please send me a copy so that I can share your journey and help you to respond to challenges.

 Best wishes,

 Charles Tyrrell QSO



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