Social Services May 2017

Dear everyone – ACCT has been very occupied with the Accountability reports you have provided and it has turned into a two-meeting task (April and May) in order that that due consideration be given to analysis and discussion of information provided.  Thank you.   There will be feedback given this year. 

There were a number of ACCT applications deferred @ February meeting and these will be reconsidered along with any new applications (due 1 June) at the June meeting of ACCT.  


For the six Nelson and Richmond parishes please be thinking about any application you may be wanting to make for Foster-Barham Trust funding as these will be due on 1 July.  Note that there is now an application form  to complete.   I invite you to get in touch to discuss your thoughts/plans:  or phone me 021 2771504

A reminder also that there is plenty of up to date commentary and information on the social services sector on the NZ Council of Christian Social Services website and you can subscribe to Kite Kupu and regular email news.  One such topic is the requirement by Government of contracted social services providers to provide personal details of their client-base in order to “ensure these clients are receiving the appropriate services”   This is something service providers do anyway in the course of caring for their clients! It seems that the counter argument being discussed, is around the question of security of the information collected by Government, there having been a recent further breach/leaking of MSD client information.   Confidentiality, privacy and self-empowerment are basic principles or practice standards held by many professionals within the sector and the new requirement as a condition of funding, is seen as in conflict with these standards.   What ever happened to ‘pilot-studies’ where policy changes of this magnitude are contemplated? Send me your thoughts!

Richest blessings to you all 


Gerrie Mead                                                                

Social Services Enabler

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