Children and Families Ministry May 2017

Only a week to go before Mark Griffiths is in Nelson. This is really exciting and such a privilege to have a world renowned speaker and writer in the Nelson Diocese. I would urge you to attend and bring your ministry team. Plus the evening session would benefit your parishioners, especially those with a heart and calling to pass on their faith to others.

 Leading Intentionally: A 2 hour session for church leaders who are wanting to invest in their leadership. We offer a time of worship, ministry and teaching where we ask and answer the how-to’s of laying the foundations of future church growth. Mark offers a radically different perspective stemming from his recent research into how to effectively pass faith on. Stay for lunch and networking and Faith Convo’s.

Faith Convo’s: A 2 hour session for church leaders, children and youth ministry leaders. Following lunch Mark paints a picture from his research of how the church is doing, followed by a facilitated roundtable discussion on how to foster faith across all ages.

The Art of the Story Workshop: A 90 minute workshop for anyone working with children or youth. A workshop designed to equip you in storytelling communication. Mark is a world class storyteller, and offers the thesis that Jesus told truth through story. Get equipped to do likewise through this high input, high quality workshop.

Passing it On Evening: An evening of worship, ministry, teaching for children and youth workers, parents and caregivers, grandparents and Bible in school teachers. This evening will focus on passing our faith through the generations.

 Coming soon to Blenheim and Nelson- an opportunity to explore ‘Godly Play’.

This will be a ‘taster’ and is a must attend for those involved in ministry to the elderly and children. A number of vicars are using this storytelling technique in services and finding it extremely effective. This will be another skill to anyone’s personal set so plan to be there.

Blenheim- Nativity, Tuesday June, 9am -2.30pm

Nelson- Salvation Army, Wednesday June, 9am-2.30pm

$30 per person including lunch.

Godly Play Taster Day

Date: Tuesday 13th & Wednesday 14th June, 2017

Time: 9:30am – 2:30pm (arrivals from 9am for refreshments, with a prompt start at 9:30am)

Venue: Blenheim & Nelson

Cost: $30 to include lunch

What is Godly Play?

Godly Play is a creative and imaginative approach to faith formation that has its roots in the work of Maria Montessori. It was created by Jerome Berryman, an Anglican priest, about 30 years ago and has been used and developed over time by people around the world as a way of both teaching and being with children. Godly Play uses symbols, beautifully crafted materials, rituals, and silence as well as stories to convey biblical traditions and practices of the Christian church.

 Godly Play recognizes that children already know and experience God but may not have the language or opportunity to talk about and explore their experiences, thoughts, questions, and feelings. Godly Play provides children an occasion not just to learn about God’s love, but to discover God’s love in the midst of a supportive community and environment. It helps children learn Bible stories and religious language and to use them to make meaning.

 A Godly Play session includes a time to:-

• get ready

• tell a story using objects

• explore the story more with open questions and discussion

• respond with a free choice using a variety of materials art, play, construction, writing...

• enjoy a simple feast and sharing

Godly Play has been developed from the Montessori tradition by Dr Jerome Berryman. Although it was originally developed as a resource for children, Godly Play is now being used with people of all ages in a diversity of settings - churches, schools, hospitals, prisons, care homes for the elderly…

 The outline of the day

During the day you will experience two Godly Play sessions. After each session there will be a time to reflect on the experience in order to explore the principles of Godly Play. There will be an opportunity for participants to practice telling a story. There will also be information about the resources available to support Godly Play as well as details of courses to take it further.

It is customary, but not required, to sit on the floor for the first part of a Godly Play session so please feel free to dress casually.

 For more information email or telephone 021 680 730

Safe Here- Please check that you have everyone who is involved in a ministry within your parish trained to the required ‘Safe Here’ level for their responsibility. If not then contact me and we can work out a plan that will work for all concerned.



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