Older Persons Ministry - March 2017

Dear friends,  Recently I attended a meeting in Stoke at which Annette King of the Labour Party along with Metiria Turei of the Greens came to discuss aged care in the community.  Only about 60 people were there, most of who seemed to be members of Grey Power.  People were invited to share stories and experiences about aged care.  The politicians want to see how much progress there had been since their Parties published a report in 2010 on this subject.  The answer was not very much.

 I did note that as well as statutory services there are more and more voluntary sector services, and that includes the great work we do in our Parishes.  As the population of older people grows and demands rise then we must keep our ministries going.

 I have communicated with each eldercare worker in every Parish to offer some in house training in the near future; more on this later.

 As Lent has now begun, please make use of this season as a time for reflection on the ministries you are offering to our Senior Saints.

Best wishes,

Charles Tyrrell QSO (Enabler)

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