Older Persons Ministry - February 2017

Dear friends,
In the last few weeks I have been ministering to people of great age! For example, in just one day I had conversations with at least 6 people who are well into their 90’s. These people were out and about and even though a few of them aren’t able to drive (for their own safety reasons) some of them still were.

At the end of January Elaine and I received a card from some good friends from Wellington who had just come back from the funeral of our friends’ mother in Tokyo who was 111! Perhaps the words of Psalm 90:10 need to be rewritten to accommodate this phenomenon,

The days of our life are seventy years, or perhaps eighty, if we are strong.

Look around your congregations and your communities and see the great opportunities there are for high quality ministry to our ageing populations. Look around also for Christian gifts of ministry in our elders and ensure that they are utilised for the building up of the Kingdom and the deepening of Christian faith and fellowship.

As you are doing your future planning please start to think about the annual accountability form which the ACCT requires each parish to complete. You will be contacted about this which is the responsibility of each Parish Vestry.

On 31st March from 10am at the Headingley Centre in Richmond is the Positive Ageing Expo. This is a wonderful opportunity for people of age to learn about services and activities for older people. This year there will be a stall advertising the work of our local parishes in terms of our eldercare ministries. I will send out posters etc. when they come to hand.

They’re off! The Prime Minister has announced the date of the General Election – 23rd September. Give some thought now as to what questions you should ask candidates in relation to our ageing population.

Best wishes,
Charles Tyrrell QSO

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