Social Services -February 2017

Warm greetings everyone.

There are 8 grant applications in for this first ACCT funding round and the committee will be mindful of discussions of the review recently undertaken around criteria and process for applications. Substantially criteria is set by the terms of each Trust from which funding is derived but ACCT sought to discuss and clarify how to improve the process as well as looking at how accountability is managed.

One thing that we have noticed is that a majority of parishes/organisations which have received funding are pretty good at completing the accountability form on time and in full. There are however a number of reports furnished which are of questionable quality and late! ACCT has determined that this practice will no longer be tolerated. The due date is 31 March so please get in touch early if you need help– either Deborah, Charles (for OPMF) or myself are available anytime to assist.

Please phone or email us. Every programme or project must be reported on each year. Please also note that the reports must be passed by your vestry or management group. See the Diocesan website under grants and funding.
Blessings to you all
Gerrie Mead, Social Services Enabler,  021 2771504

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