Children and Families - February

Welcome to 2017.
This year I plan to continue supporting and resourcing ministry to children, while also exploring the family’s side of my role. In the diocesan strategic plan it refers to ‘involving and engaging families in the full life of the church’. This is certainly seen in many parishes in the involvement of families in services and in serving. But I think this need to go further, especially as research shows that the family have many more hours in a child’s life to grow a child’s faith than the church does.

The Strandz vision refers to ‘Partnering with Families’- “to support and equip parents as the primary faith providers in the lives of their children”. This, I believe, is a major role of a church community in terms of families and one in which it is my role to support, resource and initiate in parishes. Just what this may look like will grow and develop over this year.
However, the first step will be on the way to your parish in the next week. Every month I plan to provide you with a take home, family devotion sheet that you can copy to give to families. It will be based on a theme relevant to the church year and will offer families an opportunity to grow in faith together.

The basic contents will be an aspect of faith, a relevant biblical story plus a UTUBE link, questions for discussion, a prayer activity and a craft activity. Izzy Paine has developed an amazing format that will be engaging and easily fit into a handbag or a pocket. While this is a resource for only one family devotion per month, I am trusting that this will motivate families to consider their role in the faith development of their children and seek other resources. There are some such resources in the CFM library at the Anglican Centre as well as a wide range available at Manna or online.

I look forward to partnering with parishes as together we explore ministry to family’s.  Also to look out for is the new CFM logo and colours. Izzy Paine has designed these and they will feature in all CFM material in the future. I love the colour and clean, simple lines of the logo and font.

Training- just a heads up that in 2017 CFM will be offering the following training:
 An evening with Mark Griffith- Nelson, May 10
 Godly Play – Blenheim, June 13 and Nelson, June 14 (day time event)
 Scripture Union- Way2Go-Blenheim, September 22 (evening) and Nelson, September 23 (day time event)

More information will be in the February CFM newsletter and in future Ad Clerums. I look forward to what God has in store for CFM in your parish and the diocese in 2017.
Sue Fallow

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