September 2017

Greetings everyone - It was a wonderful gathering of clergy and lay at Mapua for this year’s Synod   My deepest thanks to Hills Community Church who so warmly welcomed us to Mapua and provided a great venue. The comments have been very positive about the changes that we have made to Synod.  And special thanks to Annie Fraser and Deborah Oliver who take the responsibility for planning and facilitating the running of it all.

 I spent last weekend (the weekend following our Synod) attending Te Rununganui – the Maori Synod (of Aotearoa) which was held this year in Nelson. Each of the five Amorangi had around 25 delegates so it was a large event. It was also an historic event because the first day was an electoral Synod, convened to elect a new Bishop of Aotearoa – essentially their new Archbishop. It was a privilege to be warmly included. 

 On Saturday 11th November the IDCCG has called a special one-day meeting of IDC (this is the Pakeha wing of General Synod), to discuss motion 29.  As a lead-up to this meeting of IDCCG, I would like to ask all licenced clergy to meet in Nelson on the morning of Friday, 20th October.  This meeting would be in addition to a one-day Synod of clergy and lay which we are planning for in March next year – prior to General Synod.  My suggestion is that we meet from 9.30 – 12.30, have lunch and then move into Kanishka’s session.  We will email clergy next week to confirm venue.

 Coming Up.....

The Diocese has been very keen to try and co-ordinate events for different groups within parish life and although the next couple of months are looking quite busy, I warmly encourage you to consider attending (as clergy) and think about who in your parish you might shoulder tap.  Here are a few I’d like to mention, but please do read through this Ad Clerum for details of other events.

 First up:

Way2go on September 23rd at St Stephens in Tahuna. This is an event for anyone wanting to encourage or grow their ministry to children. It is being run by Scripture Union NZ and is a superb program. I can’t commend it highly enough. Children’s ministry is critical to a healthy vibrant church and here is an opportunity for you to encourage (and support) those in your parishes interested in (or involved in) children’s ministry. It will inspire and equip them. And, of course, the value of such a day is increased exponentially when clergy attend with their lay people.


School of theology on 6th and 7th October (more details a little further on in this Ad Clerum)

 Third and fourth which takes place over Labour Weekend:

20th October – visit of Kanishka Raffel (the Dean of Sydney) will be at St Barnabas, Stoke on  20 October.  He is speaking on ‘Confidence in the Gospel’ – an issue that lies at the heart of so many issues facing contemporary Western Christianity.

Kanishka will also pop out to Spring Camp on the Saturday, which is the next event –

Spring Camp, our annual Diocesan event for young people. This year there is a special emphasis on discipleship. Please encourage and support your young people in attending. It’s really important for younger people to be part of something that is larger than their normal church experience. This provides that opportunity.

 With every blessing









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