Ministry Education 2017

Ministry Education Programmes

For this year, EQUIP is going to run a little differently. Rather than 3 Saturdays in each region, EQUIP is going to have a focus month in each region so that in that month, 4 evening sessions will be held on the topics of:

  •  The Big Story of the Bible
  •  Handling the Bible.

These would be great events post-ALPHA, for home groups, and for training new leaders.
I’m aware that a number of parishes are focusing on ALPHA in the first part of the year, so we try and plan the events to avoid ALPHA. Now is a good time to think of those you want to get involved in training in 2017 or if BTC can tailor-make some training for your parish/region.
Suggested Months: (please let me know if these months won’t suit your region)

  • Marlborough: September
  • Nelson: August
  • Waimea: June
  • Mawhera: Oct-Nov (beginning after school holidays)


The current POMD process is 2-fold. First, participation in a Community of Practice (replaces or sits alongside regional deanery meetings).

The second part is new for 2017 and replaces the previous POMD model of meeting 1 day a month. The plan is to meet three time each year; 2 one-day meetings, and 1 two-day meeting (Marae visit or Bishop’s retreat). The aim for each day will be to discuss two ministry competencies.

Suggested dates (venue to be confirmed):

  • MAY 10-11 (WED-THR). May 10: New Wine is bringing Mark Griffiths to Nelson, so we will begin with 2 days together.

May 11: Please purchase and read Chuck Collins, Reformation Anglicanism: Biblical, Generous, Beautiful (Newport Beach: Anglican House Publishers, 2014). This is a clear and easy-to-read description of Anglican DNA and a must read for clergy and anyone wanting to know what does being Anglican mean. We will frame our discussion on celebrating Communion around this. The second topic will be either “Executing” or “Building teams” (both relating to “Leadership”) from the recent Willowcreek GLS DVD.

  •  AUG 10 (THR)
  •  NOV 8,9 (WED-THR)

Daily Plan:

  • Arrive 9.30am – coffee
  •  Begin 10.00am -Topic 1
  •  Lunch 12.30
  •  Begin 1.30 – Topic 2
  •  Finish 4pm

The 2017 course is being held in Richmond July 25-Aug 4. For more details, see or talk to me. There is funding available.


If you are interested in this for 2016/2017 now is a good time to begin a conversation with myself, your vestry and any possible intern. Please remember that an intern is a training position, so the intern needs to be working under someone with experience. We now have the exciting development of offering a 1yr fulltime certificate and diploma which majors on internship (20hrs per week) which would be ideal for any young person wanting to do a gap year programme or gain experience in Christian ministry. Our two internship options are:

a. Fulltime Level 4 Certificate of Christian studies (Internship); Level 5 Diploma of Christian Studies (Leadership)
b. Fulltime BTC (4 papers/semester) and 10hrs ministry per week

I have made enquiries and the new ALPHA Course will be put on DVD in October. A copy of the DVD will be purchased in the new year for the Resource Library (Anglican Centre).

Journey through the Lord’s Prayer with six short videos and a handy “cheat sheet” for each session, all designed to fuel discussion and deepen the prayer life of your church. Download all material free from

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