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 EQUIP Ministry Education

  • Planning will begin soon for 2017 dates.  Now is a good time to think of those you want to get involved in training in 2017, or if BTC can taylor-make some training for your parish.

 Post Ordination Ministry Development (POMD):

The new “Community of Practice” model for post-ordination professional development is now underway across the Diocese, and it has been great to see the engagement within the groups.  Dates are indicated below:















 In 2017 I will be planning 2 or 3 specific training days for those newly ordained as well as the Community of Practice meetings

 Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) 2017

The dates for 2017 have now been finalized, so If you are considering CPE please put these in your diary NOW.  If you want to do CPE (including for course credit towards Laidlaw Grad Dip or B Theol), please talk to Graham about the requirements.

 CPE course dates for 2017 (Thursday and Friday) are:

Feb 8, 9, 10 - Begin

Feb 23, 24

March 9, 10

March 23, 24 – Mid Course

April 6,7

April 27,28

May 11,12

May 25, 26

June 8, 9 (Final Evaluations)

 CALEB Leadership Course

The 2017 course is being held in Richmond July 25-Aug 4.  For more details see or talk to me.


If you are interested in this for 2016/2017 now is a good time to begin a conversation with your vestry or myself and any possible intern.  Please remember that an intern is a training position, so the intern needs to be working under someone with experience.  We now have the exciting development of offering a 1yr fulltime diploma which majors on internship (20hrs per week) which would be ideal for any young person wanting to do a gap year programme or gain experience in Christian ministry (see attached PDF).  Our two internship options are:

    1. Fulltime Diploma of Christian Studies (Internship).

    2. Fulltime BTC (4 papers/semester) and 10hrs ministry per week.


      I have made enquiries and the new ALPHA Course will be put on DVD in October.  A copy of the DVD will be purchased for the Resource Library (Anglican Center).


      Journey through the Lord’s Prayer with six short videos and a handy ‘cheat sheet’ for each session, all designed to fuel discussion and deepen the prayer life of your church.

      Download all material free from

       Recommended Books

  • Deborah van Deusen Hunsinger, Pray Without Ceasing: revitalising pastoral care.  Grand Rapids: Wm B Eerdmans, 2006.  One of the best books on pastoral care you can read.

  • Ewan Kelly. Meaningful Funerals: Meeting the theological and pastoral challenge in a postmodern era.  London: Mowbray, 2008

  • Steve Addison.  Pioneering Movements: Leadership that multiplies disciples and Churches. Downers Grove: IVP, 2015.

  • Chuck Collins.  Reformation Anglicanism: Biblical, Generous, Beautiful.  Newport Beach: Anglican House Publishers, 2014.  A clear and easy-to-read description of Anglican DNA.  A must read for clergy and anyone wanting to know what does being Anglican mean.


NEW Resources now available.

If you know of any good small group resources please let me know so we can update our supply. 

EQUIP DVDs are also available at Holy Trinity, Greymouth and St Christopher’s, Blenheim for loan.

Please let your small group leaders know about these resources by passing this list on. 




Freedom in Christ Discipleship Course

DVD, leaders guide, course book

Anglican Centre

How I Changed my Mind About Evolution: Evangelicals reflect on faith and science

Book (Biologos and IVP)

Anglican Centre and Bishop Sutton Library

Pioneering Movements, by Steve Addison


Anglican Centre and Bishop Sutton Library

Meaningful Funerals, by Ewan Kelly


Anglican Centre and Bishop Sutton Library

For All The Saints: Liturgical and Biographical versions


Anglican Centre and Bishop Sutton Library

Storytelling and Communication Masterclass – Rob Harley


Anglican Centre and Bishop Sutton Library

St Christopher’s and Holy Trinity Greymouth

Islam and Christianity – Graeme Howarth


Anglican Centre and Bishop Sutton Library

St Christopher’s and Holy Trinity Greymouth

Life in the Tough Lane -Rob Harley


Anglican Centre and Bishop Sutton Library

 Online: via BTC/ Diocesan websites “Resources” sections.

BTC has now established a platform to make video presentations available at including the Rob Harley Storytelling and Communication Master Class.

 Free Online Resources

Free Lectionary/Theme based resources and for all ages.

 Questions on Theology and Science

BIOLOGOS is an organization founded by Francis Collins, of dedicated evangelicals committed to the relationship between the Christian faith and science.  They have a new site for “pastor resources” which has very good resources for many of the difficult questions people ask.  Check it out

 New Resource:

 ISCAST is an Australian organisation (with many NZers and expats) dedicated to exploring the interface between science and the Christian faith. Its membership consists of scientists, theologians and professionals with standing in their own fields and a commitment to the Christian faith.  Their website has many good resources that tackle many questions about science and faith.  See

 InterChurch Bioethics Council

The InterChurch Bioethics Council (ICBC) is composed of appointed representatives from Anglican, Methodist and Presbyterian Churches for the purpose of addressing crucial ethical issues in NZ relating to bioethics and Facebook.

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