Social Services

Dear everyone – Did you know about the Anglican Care conference?   What a wonderful range of speakers and workshops – a very positive response has been received from those who attended – even for part of the 2 days. The event was a one/off and focussed on encouragement and valuing, challenging and resourcing those involved or interested in opportunities to serve in the community  as well as providing a wonderful opportunity for networking.   As with anything like this, it wasn’t possible to cater for all contingencies but I’m very proud of what the small organising team was able to achieve.  Watch out for a comprehensive article in the next edition of The Witness.  Thank you to everyone who supported the conference by advertising and encouraging attendance and in any other way.

ACCT will spend some time towards the end of November looking at ways forward for social services in the future.  I would love to hear from you if you have an idea to put forward to that meeting – be assured that every contribution is welcomed and respected.

As we look towards Advent and the Christmas season I pray for a renewed sensitivity towards sharing Christ’s love with generosity and grace with all who may be searching at this time.

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