Care of Older People


The Diocesan Social Services Enabler works with the Parishes of the Diocese in supporting Older Person's Ministry.

The Bishop's Chaplain supports the Retired Clergy of the Nelson Anglican Diocese.


The Anglican Care Committee, on behalf of the Nelson Diocesan Standing Committee, recently dispensed more than a quarter of a million dollars to parishes and ministry units to fund Older Persons’ Ministry projects.  The Older Persons' Ministry Fund (OPMF) was set up after the sale of the Whareama Retirement Home in 2008.  The purpose of this funding is for programmes or projects which focus on and benefit those aged 65 years and older, however there is discretion to include those aged from 50 years upwards whose needs align with those over 65.

From the West Coast to the east coast and all points in between, ministries have been set up in response to local needs for older people. 


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Older Persons Ministry

Dear friends,

Older Persons Ministry - March 2017

Dear friends,  Recently I attended a meeting in Stoke at which Annette King of the Labour Party along with Metiria Turei of the Greens came to discuss aged care in the community.  Only ab

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