The NZ COVID emergency is over, and we are now ‘living with COVID’

Vestries are urged to remain abreast of official advice through the website, and to monitor the prevalence of COVID in their own communities, taking necessary steps to minimise its transmission through the church community.

Church populations includes many vulnerable people. Key protective measures that are encouraged include:

  • Encourage vaccination and uptake of booster doses as available
  • Ask those who have symptoms to please stay home (and use a RAT)
  • Protect the vulnerable through:
    • Normalising the use of face masks as appropriate
    • Maintaining good ventilation (Avoid meetings in cramped unventilated spaces, and space people out in shared office spaces.)
    • Have free masks and RATs available for access by those who are unlikely to access them themselves.
    • Have hand sanitiser available at entrances and exits.
  • Encourage those who have household members with COVID to take regular RAT tests and work from home if possible. If coming to work, they should avoid face to face meetings where possible and wear a mask if they need to meet face to face. Disclosure of the fact that they are a close family contact is appropriate to enable others to take any protective measures they may require to keep themselves safe.

I have a basic CO2 monitor that can be borrowed if you are curious about ventilation levels in any of your spaces.

Russell Nimmo

Health & Safety Coordinator

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